State Standard:


SS8H5 The student will explain significant factors that affected the
development of Georgia as part of the growth of the United States between
1789 and 1840.
A. Explain the establishment of the University of Georgia [pp. 187-188], Louisville
            [pp. 178, 185]
, and the spread of Baptist [p. 139, 242] and Methodist [pp. 
            128, 186, 187, 242]
       B. Evaluate the impact of land policies pursued by Georgia; include the headright
            system [p. 177], land lotteries [p. 177, 184], and the Yazoo land fraud
            [p. 177-178]
       C. Explain how technological developments, including the cotton gin [pp. 180-
and railroads [p. 181-182], had an impact on Georgia’s growth.
       D. Analyze the events that led to the removal of Creeks and Cherokees; include
            the roles of Alexander McGillivray [p. 195], William McIntosh [pp. 196-197],
            Sequoya [p. 193], John Ross [p. 200], Dahlonega Gold Rush [p. 198],
            Worcester v. Georgia [pp. 199-201], Andrew Jackson [pp. 196, 197], John
            Marshall [p. 200], and the Trail of Tears [pp. 201-202].









Previous Weeks:
School was not in session today due to Dr. Martin Luther Kings Jr. Day


`Students began class today with a weekly quiz over their "What's Going on in Social Studies" sheet.

We then completed the PowerPoint on Slavery that was started on Friday.  Students took notes on the presentation.

Class was spent today completing a map of the Missouri Compromise.  Students labeled the states, color coded for slavery and took written notes on the events of the compromise.

ue to the shortened schedule, this took the entire class period.




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